The Oscars 2012

They walked the red carpet They wore designer clothes and designer shoes They cheered, they smiled and they thanked.. Well, the Oscars 2012 was no less a grand affair than what i saw in 2011 or the year before…  Some of the winners were deserving While some...

Rendezvous of a different kind in Auroville

Am submitting this post for IndiBlogger’s  Expedia – Around The World Contest The majestic cobra woven around what looked like a torch stood out against the pale yellow background. Sharing space on the wall was another painting that reminded...

Shiraz Cafe, ECR, Chennai

Text from friend – Have you been to Moonrakers? Me: yes, ages ago with you!  Friend: Ah, would you wanna go again, this time with P in tow[her nearly 3yr old adorable brat]? Me: yayy, lets go!  I was at her house by 5.30, we were packed and ready to...
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