Yesterday was quite the busy, and Missy Aarti [aka Me] had her hands full till 7pm or so… yep, she was a busy busy girl, working, finishing errands, attending a not so interesting meeting and then ofcourse having FUN… ;o)  Well, you already know she...

[Food] Kozhukattai payasam

A dessert that i love.. next to Jevvarisi(sabudana) payasam is probably this dish that i call Kozhukattai payasam..Gramma makes the dough like they do for kozhukkatai.. with rice flour… cook it on a kadai, make tiny balls, and cook it in the milk that has been...

[Cooking] Kofta in Spinach gravy

After long, was watching tv in the evening with my gramma… we were surfing channels looking for something she wanted to watch.. since we dint find it, went over to Vijay TV where Mallika Badrinath was cooking (tue eve 6.30pm).. She made this interesting dish...
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