Thursday Challenge.. All Suited up!

CLOTHES (Dress, Suit, Socks, Colourful Fabrics,…) These two photographs were clicked in Bangkok.. 1st one at Chatu Chak market and 2nd one at Wat Arun..

Thursday Challenge…. Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok

“PLACE; 2 week theme” (House, Cabin, Apartment, Tent, Workshop, Office,…) We were finally done with our trip and all set to fly back home. but the Suvarnabhumi Airport had me speechless. It was large, like freaking huge… I am sure it is among...

The Grand Palace, Bangkok

It was our 4th day in Bangkok and the one place we were yet to visit was The Grand Palace.  As we were stepping out of our hotel, the lady at the desk gave us a tiny slip that contained a small note about a scam that is done commonly here.. we gave it back...

Auntie Anne’s pretzel, Bangkok

Me: Hey, am headed to IKEA today.. want anything? A: You are headed all the way to Megabangna?  Me: Yes.. Am on the train now..  A: Wow, have a Auntie Anne’s pretzel for me please. It is near the IKEA store. You can’t miss it! Me: Okies....
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