Skywatch Friday … At the Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur

Looks like am going in reverse order! We were there in Jaipur for just another day and that Monday morning we decided to visit The Albert Hall Museum 1st before heading over to the shopping arena. Hailed an auto near the hotel we stayed at and made our way past the...

Building a brand….

This appeared in the Harvard Business Review newletter. _______________________________ How Michael Jackson Became a Brand Icon10:17 AM Friday June 26, 2009 Countless books advise how to build your personal brand. Michael Jackson was so unique that he cannot...

Time to Unravel

Before i left for Bombay, a bunch of us had gone shopping at Spencers.. Went to Landmark to buy some toys for a little boy amidst us when i spotted this sufer cool 3D puzzle – the one with the Colloseum on the cover looked most complicated and had maximum number...
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