Awadhi Food Festival, The Verandah at Vivanta by Taj-Connemara

Is it coincidence or just an act of fate I wondered??? For only last week I was talking to a group of friends about visiting Lucknow. Was doing some research and found the place had quite a bit of history and culture tucked away, not to forget some delightful food as...

[Tag] My life in Six Words

Thanks Gayu for the tag, I must say I quite liked your 6 word memoir, esp the 2nd one on “Aspired to Inspire before I Expire” To sum up my life in 6 words, not that difficult. Why? Because I have had this in mind for as long as I can remember and this is...

CBC meets at Zha Cafe & an anniversary

And finally it was 24th February. The day! What was so special or significant? Well, I was looking forward to attending the Chennai Bloggers meet [that also included a book exchange/sale] We had all been sharing book titles, reserving books, chatting away and...
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