The Chidambara Ragasiyam and my birthday!

My birthday comes with a lot of fond memories, one of them quite special. Few years ago was on a road trip with a friend down the Coromandal Coast. And on Sep 4th morning we got on the road towards Chidambaram. My friend had spoken to her mom and got the number of the...

Skywatch Friday… Dutch live on

After ages, am back on the Skywatch Friday wagon today… All thanks to a conversation I had with a friend about Tranquebar. It has been over 2yrs since I was there last, and I do wish I get to do another drive down the Coromandel Coast… [Fingers &...

Skywatch Friday, The sun rises over Tranquebar

I havent done Skywatch in weeks and so decided to resume today. Last year around this time was when i did the Coromandel coast trip, and what a journey it was. I spent a few minutes reliving the memories through the pictures and these few caught my eye.  I was in...

[Skywatch Friday]- Where Mangroves rule the water

The journey through the green fields and empty roads took me to the place that is home to the 2nd Largest  Mangrove forest in the world.. I was at Pichavaram, about 15-16 kms ahead of Chidambaram.  It should take about 4hrs from Chennai...

Weekend Trails Map..

In case anyone is interested or wishes to know more about the places we went to.. here is a map… 🙂
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