Food Tales.. Food memories

There are these flavours that we grow up eating, which stick with us for life… Some of which remind us of the times we lived through and others of people who were a part of our lives.  I woke up today morning and remembered the Sago Porridge I used to have...

Food Tales- Broken woes

After a brief break, am back with another interesting food tale from my childhood, rather life…. I have this one quirk when it comes to Appalam [ pappads]. I need mine full and not broken up. At my maternal grandparents house they would break the appalam in half...

September Tag- Day 6- Childhood memory

The fondest memories have been of travel, maybe that was when i was bit by the Travel bug which had taken a sabbatical in between to resume with vigor… We used to live in Madurai and then in Tirunelveli, and so on the last day of my exam every couple of months,...
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