Breakfast date at The Rustle Nest, Baner

Breakfast date at The Rustle Nest, Baner

It was Saturday, we woke up relaxed and were in the mood for a lazy long breakfast. The only criteria was “we wanted Eggs Benedict”. After some digging around, my partner found a buffet at Courtyard Marriott and said let’s go. We got there, parking...

Sri Lanka- The Turtle Sanctuary

As we left for Galle, our cabbie told us there was a Turtle sanctuary enroute which is a nice place to visit. We spotted it a few kilometers ahead, and he pulled over. After 4 days in Srilanka, we knew what to expect. I hopped out and went inside to enquire what their...

Bread upma with a difference

Ever since I moved to a place of my own, it has been fun in all ways. I enjoy cooking for Me. I have the freedom to make anything I feel like.  There are days when I eat cornflakes with fruits, and other days I make roti with a veggie side, or like today I make...


So, finally i managed to visit the much hyped Parfait3, which is walking distance from home…  from the outside, it looked like a cafe, a bistro maybe…  but on entering i realised it is much more !! The minimalistic decor and the colours are just...
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