Whisky Samba and Flying Elephant- Park Hyatt, Chennai

What was the evening all about? It was Whisky paired with food  Where did this happen? At Flying Elephant in Park Hyatt, Velachery What is Whisky Samba?- Oh its a cool place in Gurgaon… Where was the food from? – It was from the kitchens of Flying...

Chocolate Brunch at Flying Elephant in Park Hyatt, Chennai

It was a Brunch with a difference.. Actually it was a one of a kind brunch, atleast I havent heard of one this kind.. This was not the first time I was at the Hotel or the restaurant, but this was the first time I was here for the Brunch..Park Hyatt Chennai partnered...

Mumbai street food festival, The Dining Room, Park Hyatt, Chennai

I remember walking into the space while construction was going on… And today, I was back here once again. The place was beautiful, oozing with class and style. High ceiling, large open windows, simple décor was what made it stand apart from the other hotels. I was at...
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