Birds of Sundarbans

Birds of Sundarbans

We were in the boat cruising along the waters, keeping an eye out for any movement, any bird or animal that might be about..Our Guide Nityananda was up and about with his binoculars, scanning the area, for miles beyond.. I kid you not~ A UNESCO World Heritage Site,...

Day out with Nature in Sikkim…. Part I

A day out at River Rungkyung and beyond… It had been about 4 days in Sikkim, and we were just done exploring Yumthang Valley and Zero Point.. From there, we were headed to another destination where we would be spending not one but two days, yes, probably...

As the crow fllies

During our 2nd day at the resort, we were walking along a slushy path towards the coir village, to watch a few women and maybe the learn the trick of making coir threads from coconut fiber. A few steps ahead, my friend M was walking, her camera ready to capture...

November fest… The Forest- Lim

When we were sitting for mrigya concert, mom saw the paper with info abt all bands n said the korean one looks interesting.. so went n picked up tickets.. it was for the `17th November~~The day was like every other day.. worked a bit during the day.. extra diff was...
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