Nivedhanam, Mylapore, Chennai

Nivedhanam is pure veg restaurant that is a few months old. It has been promoted by Amithra Hotels and Restaurants, and the 1st of its kind started by an Indian living in Japan.  As you walk in, the mix of culture is quite obvious. There is a small curio of sorts...

The Saiyuki Trio

It was one of those emails listing down the events of the day across Chennai. I always skim through them, and delete the mail. But last evening, for no reason, the words “Saiyuki Trio” caught my attention. I read on to discover it was a concert to be held...


The web defines it as Origami, the word originates from “ori” meaning “folding”, and “kami” meaning “paper”; kami. It is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, which started in the 17th century AD at the latest...
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