Where the Jews Live on- Mattancherry, Kochi

“Jew Town in Cochin? Are you sure?” was the 1st question that popped in my head. But this was before i did some research and read about Mattancherry and Kochi. We were there for little over 2days and on the last day, decided to make a quick visit to the...

Skywatch Friday- Serene

While in Kerala rather Kochi few weeks ago, I would go on lazy walks along the Fore shore road, a quiet street along the back waters. I kept telling my friend “why dint you guys get a house here” and she would retort “ya, right, like we have a choice...

Leaving Kochi in a blur….

As we raced to the airport, the one thing going on in my mind was “damn, we should probably have just booked ourselves on a later flight” n but another conflicting thought pounced in- “if flight were later, you’ll be off exploring more places...
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