Books and Reading

Books and Reading

“So please, oh please, we beg, we pray, Go throw your TV set away, And in its place, you can install, A lovely bookshelf on the wall.” – from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl (1964) If it were up to me, homes will have a bookshelf in...

Bookworm Rampage

I go through these phases… Am sure all of you also do!!  There are days when i do nothing but work, and then those when fun plays a bit part of my day… The latter is what i enjoy, cos it gives me a sense of calm at the end of it all… The past...


Phew… after a lot of chugging, this is my 275th post in this blog!!! 🙂 Quite an achievement i must say… And am quite proud of myself too..[For being able to keep all my blogs alive :-)] I’ve got 4 blogs, for those who dint know that… Life goes...

[3WW] The Dreams Villa

A little something for this week’s 3WW What are you doing outside, son?Well, Sir, i thought it was inappropriate for me to barge in without knocking and when i did knock, there was no response, so decided to wait!Oh, poor kid, you should have knocked harder.. I...
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