Celery Soup

Grandparents are always up for something new and today it was Celery soup. Gramma had bought celery and leek few days ago, inspired by a recipe she saw on a TV cookery show. Alas, she dint remember the process and as always decided to abandon the project.  And...

No Onions, No Garlic… Thank you!!

What was/is the fuss all about? I kept wondering! Everytime there was/is a menu being planned or when someone mentions eating out or taking away, there was/is a hoo haaa at home!! Instantly there were/are 2 hands that go up saying “nothing for us thank...

[Cooking] Breakfast recipes

My all time favorite breakfast is rice flakes (we call it aval in tamil.. think its poha in hindi).. it is so easy to cook and tastes yummy too. so, you will always find packets of aval at home.. i pick up the slightly thicker ones, because the thin flat ones soak too...
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