Celebrations galore at Flying Elephant, Park Hyatt, Chennai

Bring on the Anniversary Celebrations…  Bring on the party for the “Alcohol is back” news.. Yayy!!  At Flying Elephant, they do it in style, with a difference.. They have gone all out and introduced a new menu, almost 75% of the dishes in...

Royal Marwar Festival, The Dining Room, Park Hyatt, Chennai

Milk flavoured with saffron& sugar Khandvi, Dhokla, Samosa and Hara Kabab served with a medley of chutneys- Tomato and mango. There were also Khakras to nibble on  Dal Bhati churma where the Bhati had masala stuffing inside..  Mango chutney...

Flying Elephant at Park Hyatt Chennai rolls out new Menu

Out with the old, in with the New seems to be norm across restaurants now. I see quite a few of them going in for a revamp of their menu, or including a few new dishes into their existing menu. Joining this line is The Flying Elephant at Park Hyatt Chennai.  Here...
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