Hues of Yellow in Pondicherry

About a week or fortnight ago, I decided to do something I had been putting off forever. It was something that gave me nightmares, seemed daunting and well, scary at times.. But then it had to be done.. What am I talking about? Sorting out the various folders and...

The Doors & Windows of Pondicherry

Earlier this year, during the day in Pondicherry, I walked around and clicked as many Doors & windows as possible. They have always fascinated me, the architecture, the style, the colours and the layouts. Here are a few from my collection. 

A day in Pondicherry with me – 6- The Fortune teller & his parrot

Of all the things I have come across during my travels, this was the last thing I expected to see. There I was lost in thoughts, walking along the road and what do I see-  A man sleeping on the sidewalk. Nothing surprising about that, right?  Well, he was...

A day in Pondicherry with Me- 3- The Museum

A day in Pondicherry with Me- 1 A day in Pondicherry with Me- 2 I was done at Le cafe and wandered about the town, first heading to Bharathi Park where I spent some time gazing at the Aayi Mandapam and of course people watching for a while. There was a cute  ...

A day in Pondicherry with Me- 2

The first part can be found here So, I spent about an hour & a half to two hours at Le cafe, enjoying my coffee and reading the book. One other thing I love doing when on my own is “people watch”. Just look around, observe others in the same setting,...
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