Skywatch Friday- God meets Crowds meets Currencies

There we were, partying away amidst friends and strangers, while the clocked ticked away. Around 11pm, a friend came over and called us aside. “The cab is here and so is R, quickly have some dinner and we shall hit the road”. Where were we off to? We were...

Skywatch Friday… Heavenly

Through the window, i peered out trying to see if the towering chapel was in view,  my neck was starting to hurt and the lady in adjoining seat was giving me a look “are you ok?, is this your 1st time here?”. I replied in affirmative to both her...

All i can do.. all i can say….

A day no differentwork and routinetaking over my timetime passed ontill dusk fell”time to bid helloto doctor”, granpa saidStuck in traffic jammind wandering away…Tring goes the phonesaw the familiar namesmile crept up on my face”hi Girl, whats...
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