Rules Kidaiyathu… 180.. Nootri Enbathu

Couple of days back, 25th June to be exact saw 3 good friends, bloggers march into Escape Cinemas in Express Avenue and get all set to watch the movie 180- Nootri Enbathu… We had all seen trailers, all but me had been tripping on the music and now we were...

Flash backs..Deja vu.[s]

Last evening Lakshmi called to tell me about a song she heard as she walked into a restaurant… and we knew that the same thing/instance/person was running in both our heads at the same time!!  Similarly, there are days when i am watching a scene from a...

All i can do.. all i can say….

A day no differentwork and routinetaking over my timetime passed ontill dusk fell”time to bid helloto doctor”, granpa saidStuck in traffic jammind wandering away…Tring goes the phonesaw the familiar namesmile crept up on my face”hi Girl, whats...
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