Salty Saturday… Battle for survival

During the Mylapore Food walk, we were walking along a narrow street, more like those alleys you see in English Cop shows and movies. It was quite narrow, and there were bikes and cycles parked along one side of the road. The other side had vendors, most of who were...

Kagitha Sirpi Ramesh- Inspiration & perseverence

Wanted to share this interesting incident from last evening. I was heading back home, hopped into an auto in R A Puram and no sooner did the auto guy start talking [well, this happens pretty much always]..  Initially he asked me where i was headed, and then gave...

American Eagle Wedges- Sale

Hi Well, for the 1st time am putting up an Ad, a classified of sorts.. What happened was my uncle sent across these beautiful Wedges through my cousin for my sis.. So far everything is good, happy & dandy.. Wait… One hitch… eeeeeeeeeeks… He had...
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