Skywatch friday…. Chennai skies..

Skywatch friday…. Chennai skies..

This was what greeted me- One of those evenings when I was out just to get away from home…. One of those days when I needed nothing but silence and some space…. One of those days when I knew for sure I wanted to move to a different planet…...

Skywatch Friday… Beyond the planes

Had just landed at Bangalore Airport, walking towards the shuttle I spotted this beautiful sky and cloud formation…. For more beautiful skies, visit Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday… Up towards the North I go

This year has been good in terms of travelling, have done a trip a month [ almost ] and they have all been to new destinations [some with a stop over at a familiar town/city].. Oct end took me to Mumbai, and then from there managed to do a road trip to Nasik, then a...

Skywatch Friday… Where to stay in Leh- Lazakar Guest house, Leh

Where did you stay, how was the place, was it comfortable or did you have to rough it out… are some questions thrown at me from the time I have come back … So, here goes.. We stayed at this awesome place called Lzakar Guest house..  What...

Skywatch Friday… Above the city lines

If you know me, you will know how I love the window seat on an airplane and hog it at every given chance.. This time, during the 4 flights I took, I managed to get window seat at 3 of them. Here are a few shots from the last one, that brought me  back home to...
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