Celebrating Chennai…. Grandeur

December of 2012 has been a month that had the most positives and a few negatives as well. The highest point was a bit of Self indulgence, something I’ve not done ever and something am not really comfortable doing…  So, what did I do? I used the...

Into the blue waters

Oh wow, guess what? We won we won, she announced. It was one of those SMS contests run by Airtel. I wasnt an Airtel customer back then, and so had sent in an entry through my friend A’s phone. And much to our surprise we’d won the 1st prize. It was a one...

Sylvia does not like Upma

No, that is not the title to my upcoming book!! Neither is it my new name!! 😀 Read on to know more…  Last week i got the chance to visit the Adaikalam, run by BANYAN. [For those who are not aware of what or who BANYAN, you can click here  as...
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