Skywatch Friday… Clouds and Mist..

Skywatch Friday… Clouds and Mist..

The sky today morning… Uff.. beautiful~ All are mobile clicks with a lot of effort [ well, Nature had done 90% of the job, but i had squeeze the camera through the nets on our balcony to keep the pigeons out so I could capture the beauty that was.. 🙂 ]

Ethel M Chocolates’ Botanical Cactus Garden, Nevada

On the way back from Vegas towards Los Angeles, the bus was to make few stops, one of which was Ethel M Chocolates’ that included a visit to the Botanical Cactus Garden within their campus.. And this was supposed to be Nevada’s largest and one of the...

Skywatch Friday. One among the many temples..

While exploring Karaikudi, we stumbled upon this temple, majestic and beautiful. it was closed and so we did not go inside. Did however spend some time in the Museum nearby and a book store of sorts adjacent to it. In this region, people are classified based on which...

Skywatch Friday… Summer is here~

With the temperature soaring, we are all melting down and gearing up for the days to come. The sun shows no respite~!!  For more beautiful skies, visit Skywatch Friday …
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