Food Tales…. The taste

I was in LKG or UKG, studying in TVS School in madurai when this new taste got into my life. At school, we were served milk and biscuits post lunch following which we used to take a short nap in the classroom. An aaya of sorts used to bring a big vessel and serve us...

Cafe Chokolade, Egmore, Chennai

Last week, when a friend and i were in Egmore, finishing up some errands, we were tired hungry and thirsty, and the 1st place that came into our horizon was Cafe Chokolade, and since we hadnt been here before, we walked in.  I guess they were having their daily...

what is..

What is it about families that has us going “Oh no, not again?’ What is it about calls from certain friends that make us go “Awww, couldnt we keep talking….” What is it about a few people that make us think “oh jeez, there he/she...
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