“No matter how far you travel, you can never get away from yourself.”

~ Haruki Murakami [After the Quake]

The world of food

Here, I share recipes, experiments done in my kitchen, products I have come upon and reviews of places I have been to. You will find general information about my tête-à-tête with anything culinary related. 

My Tryst with Travel

Everytime I travel, I look forward to new adventures, meeting people, learning about cultures & ofcourse collecting memories.. On this blog, I share them with you. Read about these different fun trips, experiences & more .

Journey called Life

When I began blogging back in 2006, it was just this one blog, and then over time, it has grown and branched out as well.. Here I write about topics close to my heart & things that have been amused/ amazed me over time.

Content & More

Writing allows sharing thoughts and experiences with others, creating a sense of connection and community.  Here is a section where I shall share notes. on content creation, writing, and everything around these elements.

Want to collaborate/work with me?

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