Padmanabhapuram Palace, Kerala

The other day a bunch of us were talking about travel, and the conversation steered towards Kerala. All of us were sharing our experiences to different destinations and finally we all ended up discussing the Padmanabhapuram Palace. Iit is about 50kms from Trivandrum,...

Skywatch Friday- Serene

While in Kerala rather Kochi few weeks ago, I would go on lazy walks along the Fore shore road, a quiet street along the back waters. I kept telling my friend “why dint you guys get a house here” and she would retort “ya, right, like we have a choice...

Skywatch Friday.. Sailing along the Backwaters

The silent waters glistened against the setting sun, adding to the lovely mood of the evening. We were enjoying the ride along the backwaters in Allepey, and it was very evident that the 2yr old in our midst was not the only one excited and high…  The 3...
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