Skywatch Friday… Clouds galore..

Skywatch Friday.. Shades of The Sky

The varied colours of the sky across November from our balcony..I love waking up every morning and looking right outside the window, watching the sky light up slowly….
Skywatch Friday… Colours and drama

Skywatch Friday.. Heavy heart gloomy skies

The last flight I took was back from Bangalore to Pune.. a trip that was completely unplanned, but one that had to happen sometime.. I flew back with a heavy heart, quite exhausted [ mentally] and taking it one step at a time… literally~~ The skies were also...
[Skywatch Friday] Clear skies after the rain

[Skywatch Friday] Clear skies after the rain

We have had a few weeks filled with nothing but dark clouds, and crazy rains scattered through the day. The last two days has been clear skies and chill weather… now if only my head would also clear up like these skies.. 🙂  
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