No Can Do

Am sitting here wondering how to say NO to people who keep asking me for favors ,while i find the men around me slapping a NO left right and center!!  How is it that Men find it easy to say NO? Are they genetically programmed to simply shut their brain, ears and...

so,what else?

The dreaded words “So,what else?”i hear these words and it makes me wonder what do i have in common with the person i am talking to?is he/she gonna become a friend or just remain an acquaintance?A conversation between 2people flowing smoothlyseconds...

A woman’s day is never done!!! :)

A Woman’s day is never done…Woman: Hello God! Yet another day has dawned and here I am once again in front of you.Please make sure Gan gets to school on timePlease help Sol find his tie and not yell “Mel” asking for itOh and let there be power all day for I have...
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