Food Festival at Vijaya Forum Mall, Chennai

There is a reason why I am not fond of food courts, no it is not about the food, it is more about the crowd. Most malls have a food court on the top floor which houses a plethora of restaurants and the place is buzzing with people, some waiting for food while others...

Rajdhani, Express Avenue, Chennai

The 1st time i visited this restaurant was on the day of the launch. Was at EA with 2 friends and we hopped in for dinner!! It was divine…. I enjoyed the food but felt i couldnt do justice to the number of dishes served…The 2nd time i took my grandparents...

Escape Dine

When the food court is jam packed, and the restaurants are overflowing with people, the only place to head to is Escape Dine inside Escape Cinemas in the 3rd floor in Express Avenue Mall in Chennai. My friend and i made a beeline for a table in Dine and since then the...
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