Ta da… The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Launch is here!!

Did you know? The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is going to be unveiled on August 10… Did you know? Indiblogger has rolled out this awesome contest where they have got some cool “to die for” give aways Did you know? This is our chance to become Samsung...

Change is easy… Indeed!!

When i read about Indiblogger’s Change is easy contest, i knew i had to participate.. The contest was by Dell Inspiron… Alas, time just flew and i was running out of time, literally.. So, here goes my contribution…. Anybody who knows me, knows how...

Project 365 Day 51 Flash

Was playing around with my camera and this object few days ago.. any guesses on what this is??  It glows upon touch,  it glows throughout It dims not untill you stop It is heavy but not really It is light but not really It is a gadget I assure you It is...
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