Skywatch Friday… Touching the skies

This past week has been quite hectic, work , travel and generally been busy! The travel bit was exciting, as it was a last minute plan.. Tuesday early morning, we hit the road to Coimbatore, a journey that took nearly 8hours, with a few pit stops… We were tired,...

September Tag- Day 13- From a Distance

There are times when you walk on the road, or could be anywhere and something afar catches our eye.. This has happened quite a few times to me, and it is only on certain occasions that i had my camera with me! Even when in the car, there are moments when i pull out my...


Today, while returning from Blore, we saw a truck ahead of us with this on the rear… i spotted it,burst out laughing and pointed it out to K since he was staring at me [probably wondering if i’ve finally lost it…] 🙂
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