Skywatch Friday- Lord Krishna stands tall

While  we were walking around the Baha’i temple, i spotted a tall gopuram not so far off. Pointed it out to mom and within minutes she was asking the guys near the gate what it was and how far it was. We were told it was the ISCKON temple, and less than...

The yellow smiley

Mom: how do you get that yellow colour smiley face?I: Cos i put a “:” and then a ” )”Mom: i did the same thing, but dint get the yellow smile face…. I: hmmm … Few days later, mom comes over to my desk and says Mom: was chatting with...

[fiction] Threads of life

“Hi Shyam! Welcome home”“Hello Shyam! It’s so good to see you”“Hello, Beta! It’s been so long”Shyam had heard so many voices surrounding him as he had made his way home. Sharad, Seema, his grandmother were all so happy to see him. It had been long, his last visit was...
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