Project 365 Day 76 Row Row

These 2 men seemed completely oblivious to the blazing sun as they enjoyed a cool ride along the Pulicat Lake on a catamaran….  Look at the guy sitting, holding on the long pole that they probably used to steer the boat… He looked as if he was...

Project 365 Day 75 Shimmering

The water in the lake was shimmering in the sun, we could see the bed, and the little pebbles and weeds floating about.. Happily sitting in the boat, while the man who was rowing was literally pushing the boat closer to the Flamingos, i watched in awe as the...

Project 365 Skywatch Friday Day 50 Under the Sky

After the exhilarating boat ride on the Pulicat Lake, we went over to visit the Fort & Cemetery, or rather the ruins…     The Dutch Cemetery in Pulicat dates back to the 16th century, and today stands as it was back then. Situated amidst a...
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