This Monday… Live life to the fullest

It is Sunday evening, but as many of you know am already looking forward to tomorrow.. yes, yes, I know it is Monday! Tomorrow I hope the day is packed, the meetings are fruitful, and I remain sane.. ;-))  Have a great [Manic] monday all.  Submitting this...

This Monday………. Look beyond

Yes, I know. It is Monday. Even though I am saying it with a straight face,  you cant see the smile in my eyes. That is how much I love Mondays.  My day is going to be filled with work, work related calls, a quick hello to friends,  errands, maybe a...

This Monday………. Pick em wisely

I love Mondays- there I said it. Actually, those who know me, know this about me. Some are surprised, some curse me and some just envy me for feeling the way I do about this so called dreaded day. My Mondays are always relaxed, fun, easy and good… [fingers...
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