Dominos, Bangalore

The minute i mentioned book store, my cousin chimed in “can you pick up an order of Garlic sticks from Dominos along with some cheese dip please, her face broke out in the biggest grin i’d seen”    I smiled and nodded watching her beam in...

Pastas con los vehículos (Pasta with vegetables)

I am not talking about something that is Greek or Latin. It is Spanish, but for an Italian dish! 😃 The dish I am talking about is Pasta with vegetables 🙂 It was one of those days when the cook had not turned up and we were in the mood for something other than boring...


The last weekend when i was away and travelling, i ate Pasta atleast once a day, not because i love it that much, but because it was the only item on the menu apart from the boring Rice and Roti…. 🙂 Back home too, i enjoy cooking Pasta- everytime i try to bring...
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