Food tales.. Jevvarisi kanji [Sago porridge]

We were living in Tirunelveli then and my gramma & great gramma [dad’s mom and gramma] were also with us.. It was Dec 1989 when Mom came to Chennai for her last trimester and I was in Tirunvelveli with Dad and grammas.. It was probably the 2nd time I was away from...

Food Tales… Milk and comfort

The minute someone mentions the dish “paal satham [milk rice]”, my mind instantly looks around to see who is unwell. That is the dish i associate with fever and body ache. Why? Cos all through my growing years I have seen mom and gramma and others serve up...

Food tales – Growing years

This is a new series I am starting on my blog today, and just as everything starts at the beginning, am starting with my early years. What triggered off this series/post is an incident that happened few days ago. Was out with friends at dinner when friend’s...
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