The Pizzaaz, Chennai

It was Saturday evening, I was home watching TBBT on TV with 2 friends when the doorbell rang. Wondering who it was, thinking it might be the security requesting my friend to move his car, I answered the door. Lo behold, was greeted by a guy holding a bag with 2...

Tuscana goes Gluten Free, Chennai

How many calories will that slice of Pizza add to my waist? Is that Maida, dont you have something made with Bajra or Ragi?  I have been asked to eat Gluten Free food, any idea where in Chennai i can find the same?  Well, these are questions i have...

Dominos, Bangalore

The minute i mentioned book store, my cousin chimed in “can you pick up an order of Garlic sticks from Dominos along with some cheese dip please, her face broke out in the biggest grin i’d seen”    I smiled and nodded watching her beam in...
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