{Recipe} Broccoli Soup

I could hear granpa yelling from the dining room, he had sat down near the fridge to sort through the stuff gramma and mom had bought. All I heard was “there is so much broccoli and you have bought some more… what are you going to do, they will all die and...

[Recipe] Tawa pulao

Last evening while out walking, suddenly it hit me.. I knew what I was going to make for lunch today [monday]. I quickly walked across towards More supermarket and bought what I needed. I had seen and tasted this dish at Spoonbill when Kamalika made it, so there was...

Broccoli & Zucchini Soup

Grandparents had attended a grand aunt’s 80th birthday dinner few weeks ago. Upon returning, gramma couldn’t stop raving about the simple food, especially the soup. She said it was Zucchini & Almonds soup. Today, finally i got around to making it. We...
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