Kryptos by Willii, Chennai

Greece is a destination that is on my “I dream to visit” list. I dont know if I ever will, but I do dream of it often enough. And so being here, at the 1st Greek restaurant to hit Chennai, Kryptos is always a memorable one.. The restaurant has been serving...

Kryptos by Willi

L-R: salad bar, the long table, the menu, pasta salad and bowl of pitted olives The last time i was here, the earth shook. No, i am not exaggerating, it was the day we felt the strong tremors in Chennai and pretty much across the country [the quake that occrured in...

Burgundy’s in Somerset

It was Saturday evening and i was looking forward to an evening out. This evening i knew was going to be different, for it was going to be spend in the new swanky Burgundy’s in Ascott Somerset, MRC Nagar, Chennai.    As i walked in around 7.15, the...
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