Skywatch Friday… Queen’s Bath, Hampi

As you drive towards the  Royal Enclosure, a structure will catch your attention, it is the Queen’s Bath. From afar it is resembles just another rectangular building, but once you step inside the structure, you will be wow’d . The entire structure has...

The yellow smiley

Mom: how do you get that yellow colour smiley face?I: Cos i put a “:” and then a ” )”Mom: i did the same thing, but dint get the yellow smile face…. I: hmmm … Few days later, mom comes over to my desk and says Mom: was chatting with...

Day 9 – Fiery

Ah, its Friday again and time for Skywatch Friday Shot during the window on my flight to Bombay last year on my N95 8Gb phone!! the sun was just about to shine bright…. beautiful sight…. 🙂
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