Best day of my Life!!

I was running late for school on Monday morning, hurriedly wore the uniform that Mother had ironed and laid out. Fortunately, I had arranged my books in my black school bag and got ready for another day of math and science, secretly hoping we would have an extra hour of games this week. The lunch box that Mother held out went in the bag and I waved her a cheerful bye as I headed for the door.

I ran down the stairs, taking two at a time, and hopped out into the courtyard even as a light drizzle began. I shrugged aside the thought of a downpour as I began my walk to school but the dark clouds hovering over, making me wonder if I should have carried an umbrella?

Walking through the narrow lane leading on to the main road, I had to focus on steering clear of the garbage that people had thoughtlessly strewn all over. The 10-minute walk seemed to take forever, more so when my friends whizzed past on his gleaming bicycle. I got through a
whole day at school, learnt new a formula in math class and learnt of the beauty of Amsterdam in geography class.

Thanks to the dark clouds looming, my dream of extra play on Monday remained just that as we were not allowed to go out. What a boring day it had been and the thought of five more days to go before weekend was killing.

I hitched a ride back home with a classmate on his bicycle and I was tempted to ask him if I could take it on a spin. “Mother wants me home by four for I have maths tuition,” he lied. Hanging my head low and feeling sorry for myself, I walked home.

My father was at the doorstep and wore a smile as he spotted me at the end of the alley. I was surprised he was home early but didn’t say anything. He held me by hand and led me to the wicker gate to the lawn. He took a pair of keys out of his trouser pocket, placed them in
my palm and said “Ravi, this is for you. I know you have always wanted a bicycle. Here it is.”

A brand new cycle was parked by the hedge.

I was speechless with joy. I mumbled a thank you and hopped on my new bicycle, placing my bag on the carrier and set off. A downpour started when I was on the main road and I did not realize that I was drenched to the skin.

It was the best day of my life!

By Aarti @ 5/5/05

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