I do
Of so many things
Where i did i learn to fear?
Is it from within or
from someone or something out there

When did i first fear?
How do i get over it?
Bitten by the Fear-Bug
one too many times
i Fear the outcome of this fear

I do Of
Speaking my mind – will it hurt the other person
Feeling – will they understand me
Sharing – will they take-in what i have to offer
Loving – will they reciprocate it
Taking Risks – will i succeed or fail
Singing – will they enjoy it
Criticising – will they take it in the right spirit
Advicing – will they think am crossing my limit
Writing – will it make sense

Did you sense my apprehension?
The reason why i did not speak
“Why are you so silent?”you ask
Simply because i fear of saying what was not right
“Who cares?”you say
“I do” is all i say

“Get over it”,i hear
From a voice deep within
Need to take that first step
No looking back
Am out and on my way…
Alas!!i am fear-free

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