Mirror Mirror
by Leslie Callejas

Mirror-mirror on the wall
show me what you see
if you really reflect it all
show every piece of me

behind my eyes, behind my smile
deep into my soul
linger for a little while
show me all you know

not just a figure standing here
reveal all that’s inside
show me, even though I fear
here and now, it’s time

the bruised and battered place in me
the piece that just can’t cope
the part that longs to be set free
the side where life’s a joke

the innocence hiding behind the sin
the adult inside the child
the heart that won’t let anyone in
the piece of me that’s mild

the place in me that’s always red
the part that’s forever blue
the side that follows what is said
the piece that’s always confused

the place in me that thinks I’m right
the part that knows I’m wrong
the side that’s bloated up with pride
the piece that can’t go on

the coward inside the fighter
the genius next to the dumb
the part that’s drunk with laughter
the side that shies from fun

so, mirror-mirror on the wall
I’ll step back so I can see
if you really reflect it all
and show every piece of me

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