What do you see?

What do you see,when you see me?
Am i beautiful or old and frail ?
Do you see the tears these eyes have shed?
The joy and grief that i’ve been through ?
Do you see these wrinkled hands,how hard they have toiled?
What do you see?

Are my hardships and pain visible to you?
How hard yet wonderful life has been for me?
How difficult it was to lose the one you love?
Tell me,What do you see?

An old woman is all you see,am afraid
How important my life was, you dont realise
And I am the reason you are You!

I wish i had known sooner how precious life was
Live for every moment you must.
For life is the only gift from God that we dont ask for

Dont take life for granted
Dont be like me
Aarti @ 4/5/05

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