Oh,talking about Auto’s reminds me of what happened last nite(no,am not being self absorbed..heheheh) :):):):):):):):)

.. after i got into that auto outside of Anokhi,the driver instead of taking a right goes straight n suddenly decides he wants the turn that he missed ,so he braves a U turn and thud bang boom i hear a noise n crunching of tires.. only to notice a smart genteeelman has rammed his errrr ummm Bike into the auto’s side butt…lol.. there is some haggling while my auto guy pushes the auto to park it bang outside The Park sheraton and goes offf.. leaving me wondering if maybe he wants me to get into the hotel and get him a beer or something else.. rapping my fingers against the auto rail i sit there and take in the wonderful scenery,all this within 2mins of saying bye to ANurag n Prads!!

Counted 2other autos parked outside, a car sitting near Amma nana store, a cop sipping gharama gharam chai at a tea stall and a lady in the car at the signal yakking away on the phone,hands flying in the air,wonder how she drives…must have been about 5mins or so and my man finally returns and says” madam,he was at fault, sorry abt this haan” and we get off from there and are riding down TTK road,nearing Lifestyle ka signal when he jus about manages to NOT bang into a nice shiny red Toyota innova,am busy oggling at the CAR(no cute guys in it tho,…tsk tsk..sad) n suddenly realise the car is about to fall on my lap ask the auto ka chauffer to slow down for which he says “nahin madam,onnum aagathu(nothing will happen),kavala pdatheenga(dont worry) and

Thats when i started praying ..realll hard!!! GOD,take me home in one piece.. for Anurag’s auto narration was still fresh in my head.. zoooming along Nungambakkam high road,traffic at its peak as always,and our man decides to do some hi funda stuff by swerving between humara apna PTC bus and a couple of bikers(who are already swerving thru the traffic)… that was a funny sight i must say cos it looked like all the vehicles were going idhar udhar almos like they were creating a pattern that must have looked lovely from up above….if a plane was flying above ispahani that is!!! so we reach near Sangeetha n this guy is busy talking to the neibor autowala,like they were childhood friends not realising that madam is holding her life in her dear hands and jus abt hanging on to the auto….lol…

There is a lorry standing outside sangeetha and this guy says” these water lorries are such a pain,i zimply nod my head..only to notice that its a MILK van n not water lorry…” heave a sigh of relief cos i know we are on Chetpet bridge, near Sony world n home is not far off… trudging along in the bridge weaving thru the traffic with our man cursing this bridge for being narrow,cursing the car that he thot was going too slow,when it was him who was jus abt ready to kiss that car’s butt all the time…

Only when i see my house in sight do i let go of the auto rail n grab my bags n make a dash out of the auto into the safe n secure gates…Phew!!! wat a ride.. and it took jus about 25mins…

One very shaken up and rattled A…ar……ti……..
@ 15/6/05

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