Free at last!!

Shia marched into her room, slammed the door shut and fell on the bed tossing the unfinished novel and her mobile on one side. She let her hair loose and threw the hair clip into the bowl that held her knick-knacks. The ceiling fan was on and she could see the blades going round and round in full speed, as if it were a reel of her life flashing before her.

“Oh God! Why am i feeling so low when i should be out painting the town red and partying non stop?”She groaned as she turned over grabbing the pillow by her side.

Her friend had called and invited her over to a beach party, but she had turned her down feigning a headache. Mia was surprised but let her be, although she did ask, “Are you ok,Shia?Do you want me to come over and stay with you?”

“No, I will be alright, just need some rest, guess last night was a bit too much”,”I’ll see you tomorrow Mia” Shia had replied and hung up praying that Mia was bought that story.

Her thoughts began to wander to the day before, a terrible Saturday – The argument she had had with her Boss minutes after entering office, over a new project that Shia had felt was not feasible, and yet her boss wanted to take the risk; her car running out of petrol just as she had left her office, forcing her to walk it down to the nearest petrol bunk to buy some fuel and get back to the car; the sudden downpour that had drenched her to the skin, making the bright pink in her salwar suit run making her look like a sugar candy…It was almost like somebody had jinxed her.

The only bright thing about the day being she had managed to have a good time in the evening with her friends, with no mishaps. They had left in Mia’s Qualis to The Coffee Shop to order some take away, and then driven down to the Multiplex for Bowling and watched Tom Cruise fight the aliens in War of the worlds. They had planned a sleep over party at Mia’s posh apartment, a night filled with girl talk, lots of laughter and a couple of bottles of Beer.

There was a slight change in plans, thanks to “that” phone call that turned her world upside down. The call she had been looking for, the past two weeks. Even though she was overjoyed, she felt sad looking at her friends faces turn from excited to somber.

“Why did i answer the phone?” Why couldn’t my battery have run out of charge or something?” Shia tossed and turned on the bed.
“I would have enjoyed my last sleep over much more”,” the others wouldn’t have suddenly become quiet and somber”, She sighed.

Raising the Pillow over her head, she threw it high in the air and gave out a Whoop of Joy! She had got admitted into UCLA for her Masters, and her dreams were all coming true. Shia was looking forward to bidding adieu to her Job, and her Boss and flying out of here to create a life of her own. Free at last!!!

Aarti @ 3/7/05

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