The minute my fingers touch the keyboard or the pen, I can feel my mind becoming free and words flowing out from God knows where and they make me smile, for I know a piece of me is what is pouring out and this is way of sharing what is going on inside me with the outside world.

I have never thought of writing as a profession, to me it always came in handy whenever I sat to write letters, emails .Not until a year ago, did I discover that I could also write other stuff – like poetry and short stories.

Just to take an idea or a thought and to give it a meaning and make it sound nice and sweet, add a touch of emotions is what makes it so amazing and different from other art forms..
Words have so much in them, one can word can make a world of difference to a simple sentence, can make or break a relationship; can make you cry, laugh, drive you nuts or jus leave you lost and if the writing is good, it will leave you wanting more…

Poetry to me is very close to my heart, as it speaks volumes about me and what I go through inside. There may be times when I cant share the joy or turmoil within me, but poems help me express and release them. Prose is all about letting my imagination go wild and jus collecting those thoughts and putting them together.

Its like walking through a park or a garden where you come across some beautiful plants, couple of cacti, colourful butterflies, fragrance from all the blooming flowers and at the end of the trip you have stolen a little bit of everything with you. That is what makes prose so distinct and at times I must say difficult too. Cos the words need to have a lot of emotion and it must cut across as if you have been through it all, that leaves you with long lasting memory. Take an idea and build on it, just keep going till I cant write no more, with a touch of humour, that’s my style.

E-Mails are another means of sharing all that has been happening with me and know the person at the end is going to enjoy reading it and will be in touch with me no matter how far we are…. Most of the time the long ones are written to near and dear ones to keep them abreast of all happenings in my life, make sure they don’t miss out on happy and sad occasions, with a couple of smileys, colours to brighten it up, of course

There is this one piece that I have written which is a Conversation between a woman (home-maker) and God himself, which left me dazed that I too could write something as witty and rib tickling as that….Now, who is that who asked me why I love writing?….

I can’t stop now…look at how am going on and on and on………………………… 🙂

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