Member’s Rating of this Product: 4/5
Member’s Recommendation of this Product: Yes
Plot: 4/5
Cast Performance: 4/5
Sound Track: 4/5
Cinematography: 3/5
Pros: Direction,screenplay
Cons: subtle similarities to the pepsi coke war ;o)

When a movie titled “Corporate”, one that has been directed by Madhur Bhandarkar is released, all of us tend to wonder whats it gonna be this time, ’cos those who have seen Page-3 ,know that he is out to make a movie that will bring out the dirt,filth and all that is hidden deep within the glamorous high class world portrayed on the outside.Bhandarkar brings out to light the covert business tactics and strings that are pulled in this game between two industrialist who want nothing but to WIN and will stoop to no end to get there.

The Corporate world fascinates anybody &everybody, cos it is all about Fame, Fortune and it is not attainable by all .. Those who are completing theireducation aspire to work in a Corporate company and those who areworking there,are all set to learn, earn and get to the top..

Yes, the Corporate world does have its stinkers, but the other side of the coin is what makes MNC’s pop up around every nook and corner and what puts the bread on our table and dress on our backs. All i am trying to say is that although in this movie Bhandarkar has focussed on the UGLY side only, there is another side to this world. Its not all dirty and filth, there is good in this as well, you jus have to find it

This movie sure has a big star cast –

Bipasha Basu , the ravishing Executive at SGi – Nishigandha Dasgupta
Kay Kay, the struggling businessman,who makes it big at SGi thanks to Nishi – Ritesh
Minissha Lamba, the rookie who has joined SGi and idolises Nishi – Megha Apte
Rajat Kapoor, t he smart,suave,”i will get what i want” business king of SGi – Vinay Sehgal
Raj Babbar, the quiet yet aggressive competitor of Sehgal’s – Dharmesh Marwah

Two Giants; Two Industrialists, who are busy making sure they stay on Top and have contacts with Politicians make it seem like its a cat – mouse chase; and they use their employees as Pawns ,moving them as they wish make the movie interesting and almost realistic. Some scenes make you laugh, some make you want to scream, others make you tear up and empathise with the characters.

The attention to detail is what seperates Bhandarkar from the other directors- The peons gossiping(which we saw in Page-3 as well ) about the people working in the company makes you chuckle and think over in your head ” do i do that”,”is that what the boys in my office think of me”; the manner in which Megha, a new employee is inducted and shown the ropes ; the scene where Nishi insists that Ritesh do the presentation and take credit for this project are some that make the movie what it is.

I am not going to narrate the story as i am sure you can get that by just browsing on the net or better yet, by picking up the DVD or going tothe Theater in your town. What i would like to share is my take on themovie and what it felt like watching it and knowing there are people inREAL who are Sehgal or Marwah and who wouldnt bat their eyes if theyneed to save their hide and image and there are people like Nishi, who would do anything for the sake of the company and entrust their lives in the hands of their BOSS and trust them completely and end up sacrificing their lives and happiness.

The morale of this tale is never take your job too seriously and never trust your Boss completely, but this is not how it is in all Corporates. So dont believe all you see on the screen and dont make judgements based on the same..

Take all you see with a Pinch of salt n if it bites ur throat, gulp a glass of water to get rid of that taste from your mouth ;o)

Aug 11, 2006 04:44 PM

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