In Her shoes, a movie that has been made based on the book of the same name is a story about two sisters, who are so different from each other yet so close and so alike in a lot of ways..

The movie begins with Maggie( Cameron Diaz) in the elevator with a guy she knows nothing about and about how she cares about nothing but having a good time and having some cash in her bag , on the other hand, there is her sister Rose(Toni Colette) who works at a leading law firm,has a nice house and leads a normal life and who has a fettish for shoes, that she indulges in whenever she is depressed… They are sisters, and all they have in common are their parents, same shoe size and the fact that they are thick as thieves and share all that happens with each other..

This has all the must have components for any Movie- a little bit of romance, a pinch of love, a lot of babes(even though some are above 60) and ofcourse its share of Men…. THis is a movie that has combined all these key ingredients so well and stirred up quite a story, that has you enjoying it from the beginning to the end…. ok,. ok..wont go on and on about this..will just tell you my take on this..

Maggie, gets thrown out of her dad’s house(or rather the house her dad lives in with his 2nd wife aka step mom ), and where does she go, Roses’s placeofcourse.. Rose being the sweet sister, takes her in, even though sheis busy with a Jim(Richard Burgi) from work, in their bedroom..

Maggie goes over to her dad’s place where her step mom tells her that she is actuallly planning on redoing Maggie’s room into a nursery for a yet to be conceived baby that her My Masha is going to have….During this visit, Maggie,who has a nose for Money finds a couple of dollars here and there and accidently comes upon a bundle of letters with her and Rose’s name on them.. They are all cards with money in them that had been sent by their Gramma,but were kept hidden by their dad..

At Rose’s office, a case has come up and Jim is going and asks Rose to come along, but something comes up and he sends Simon (Mark Feuerstein) over (he is also besotted with Rose,but she doesnt have feelings for him) .. Once they return Rose lets Jim know how upset she was that he dint come and he dint bother to let her know of the same..To make up for this, Jim comes over to Roses’ house and meets the sister and later Rose finds them in bed together … “This is it”, She cant take anymore and so she throws Maggie out as well to fend for herself…

Maggie, being the smart cookie, lands up at her Grandmother’s place, a community for retired people,kinda like an old aged home.. This is where she learns a lot about her mom and what happened after her death and she becomes more responsible, gets a job at the community center, gets over her reading problem and realises there is more to life than money and sex…

Rose on the other hand, decides that she needs more out of life, and is not happy with the way things are, and so Quits her job, takes up Dog walking and meets SImon who fesses he likes her a lot… Things move along and they get engaged… Rose is happy but for the fact that she now has no idea where her sister is and she hasnt even told her she is Engaged….

Ella Hirsch(Shirley McLaine) keeps talking to Maggie about Rose and asks her to invite her over and finally snoops around finds her address and gets in touch with her.. Maggie has become the official Fashion expert for the people at the center and Ella gets herself a date with Philip(one of the other residents) …

At a party, Rose runs into Jim and tells him about her sister and Simon watches this, and tells her “he wont marry her like this, she needs to open up and talk to him”… This is when she finds Ella’s letter and gets over to meet her, where she is surprised to see Maggie.. They spend the next couple of days at the center and she tells Maggie all about her fight with Simon and Maggie along with the other ladies decide to meddle….

What happens next, i shall not tell and spoil it for those of you who havent seen the movie yet.. But all i can say is “This movie is all about how sisters are the best of friends “always……

Go on.. grab your cd or if its out in the theaters, watch it and let me know what you think!!!! Am sure you’ll enjoy it….

Jul 20, 2006 02:47 PM

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