Taxi Taxi – Hello Hello – Taxi
Taxi Taxi – Take me away
I’m ready to leave
The party’s over
I’m due for a change
Waiting for transportation
Getting so bored
I need a ride
A new direction

Goes the song by Peter Baumannt.. This movie,Taxi 9211 is pretty much like the song.. It sends you on a ride on the streets of Mumbai and what a ride it was..

Raghav Shastri(Nana Patekar) is a very short tempered sarcastic skeptic person, and because of this, he has changed nearly 25jobs in about a decade or so and is now working as a cabbie, but to his wife and all others he is an Insurance salesman who has to repay pending bills of nealy Rs30000 and the other main character is our very own Jai Mittal(John Abraham) who is the lone heir to a rich father and has to prove his Rs300cr worth in court or else it all goes to his fathers’ trusted employee .

Sameera Reddy plays Jai’s girlfriend and who is with him all the way and is the one who reminds him of what he needs to do,where to go,etc..more like a loyal secretary i would say. Sonali kulkarni plays the sweet demure Raghav’s wife who worries all the time about paying the bills,and her son’s school fees on time, she is so besotted with Raghav that she is under the illusion that he is indeed an Insurance Salesman.

Where does Taxi9211 feature in all this i thought.. well, its the cabin which John takes a ride to get to the court and where all the dramaunravels .

Fate brings Raghav and Jai together, cos on that fateful day when Jai needs to get to court,he needs a ride for his car gets wrecked while trying to avoid a collision. So he is left standing on the road trying to hail a cab and lo behold, there comes Raghav in his Taxi, whose number plate is 9211 … Jai needs to get to the vault to retrieve the papers before getting to court and a harried Raghav crashes into an oncoming car. This is the beginning of a wonderful chase, almost like that of Tom & Jerry. Jai goes in search of Raghav in jail,whereas Raghav has escaped from Police custody..

This goes on a for a while till they decide to work out a deal that would help them both and solve both their problems 1)getting Jai to court on time and 2) helping Raghav pay off all his debts. From here on , the story goes at a pace that kept me glued on my seat and enjoying every twist and turn wondering where it is going to end.

Does Jai get to court and does Raghav get his money?? am afraid to know the answers you gotta spend abt 2 1/2hrs and watch the movie.. ;o)

The script was really good and Millan Luthria’s direction is up-to-the mark,gripping and well laid out. All in all, the cast, the plot and direction has done a good job and the movie is no wonder a Raging success… You can enjoy this movie with any kind of company- family,friends,spouse,kids,whoever you wanna drag along and they will have fun too..

Here’s to more movies like Taxi9211…

Enjoy the ride… have fun.. and hold onto your seats..

Aug 5th

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