Rumor has it… what? you might ask.. All i can say is, wait for the story to unfold and you’l know.. 🙂

The title intrigued me and so i watched the movie that stars Jennifer Aniston,Kevin Costner, Shirley Mclaine,Mark Ruffalo and made by Rob Reiner

Sarah(Aniston),newly engaged,to Jeff, goes home(Pasadena) for her sister’s wedding(who’s played by Meena

Suvari,an overly emotional, high energy, tennis crazy girl ). Sarah has always had this nagging sensation that she is not part of this family, as she does not have anything in common with them ,She doesnt fit in with them- she is not crazy about tennis, does not have blonde hair and she then corners her Grandmother(Shirley mclaine, who hates to be called Gramma) to tell her more about her mother ……

Over the time that she stays there, she comes upon a rumor that there is a movie called “The Graduate”(also based on a book) which is a real life story of a family living in Pasadena and the fact that her Grandmother told her that her mom ran away a week before her wedding,sparks off a thought that maybe Sarah was fathered by another man, a high school fling maybe and this leads her to the adventure of finding her “real dad” as she calls him.. Now, the story starts to unravel itself…

WIth the supprort of Jeff, she flies off to San Fransico to meet Beau Burroughs(Played by Kevin Costner), and he tells her he did have a thing with her mother and had infact had an affair with her gramma as well, but he couldnt be her father cos he cant have kids,this is where things take a turn and after a couple of drinks ,Sarah finds herself in BB’s bedroom.. She is so besotted by him, that she almost pushes Jeff away , doesnt take his calls, and finally gets caught while Kissing BB at a Ball ..She then gets back home, to clear things out with her Gramma, and realises that her Dad is really her Father(even though she sticks out like a sore thumb in that family) .

The scene that follows at Jeff’s apartment, where Sarah fesses about her true feelings for him and the dialogue she says “I didn’t come here to tell you that I can’t live without you. I can live without you. I just don’t want to” makes you smile… and as she is about to leave, Jeff follows her to the elevator , and tells her ” if we have a daughter, she will go nowhere near Beau Burroughs” and she sweetly replies” yes, BB ends with me” 🙂

A sweet movie is how i would call it. It does keep you going and at times you wish they would jus stop, cos there are soo many people, names and your mind is in a Daze.. at the end you come out with a smile on your face ….

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